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Our Services

Stent design & FEA

Stent Design, Stent Optimization, Stent Performance Improvements, Stent Types & Indications, FEA

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Stent Testing Services

Stent Fatigue Testing, Stent Functional Testing - Design Verification Testing, Stent-Graft Fatigue Testing, Stent-Graft Functional Testing - Design Verification Testing

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Blood Flow Analysis & CFD

Blood Flow Analysis & CFD, Hemodynamic Force Analysis

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Design Verification & Design Validation

New Product Development, Project Management, Design Validation

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Stent Design & Testing Services

At CardioMed Technology we provide state-of-the-art stent design expertise, stent testing, and stent performance optimization services. We design new stents as well as implement changes to improve performance of the existing stents.


We perform highly accurate blood flow analysis and computer simulations of the clinical use of the product using the numerical tools specifically designed for human blood. We model loading the stent into the catheter, stent deployment into the vasculature as well as the service life of the product in all parts of human vasculature. We perform complex analysis of hemodynamic forces to determine the loading conditions acting on implanted stents that are needed to design the optimal stents.


We offer project management and design validation services for our clients developing new medical devices.

Our mission is to create and maintain a long-lasting relationship with our medical device clients in mutual effort to design optimal products, thus improving lives of many cardiovascular patients worldwide.